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    Music Video Posting:PLEASE READ 1st!!

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    Music Video Posting:PLEASE READ 1st!!

    Post  -=stereotype_ADMIN=- on Thu Sep 04, 2008 8:25 pm


    1) Nothing from YOUtube, or any other low quality video that is not rare enough to be worthy.Let's be honest, It's cool to share that shit, but nobody wants to DL crap.
    2)Please make sure your videos are DVD RIPs, in .avi,.mpg/mpeg,mp4,.mkv,(XviD,or DivX). PLEASE NO .wmv Or .ASF

    If you wish to share a video,please use the "search" function in the top right of the screen to make sure you are not posting a duplicate thread. Posts here are separated BY ARTIST,OR GENRE(genre for other than hip-hop)(i.e-)Reggae Music Videos

    If you have a video to post that is by the same artist, simply make your post in the form of a reply to the properly corresponding thread. Smile


    Don't worry...If this is your first post in this section,you do have a little slack coming your way. I will regulate for the first little while and edit your post if necessary.


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